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Q: "Are all homes eligible for VA financing?"
A: Most single family residences are eligible for VA financing, if the property is in satisfactory condition and will provide a good investment for the veteran.

Q: "Do you represent buyers in the purchase of their homes anywhere in Mass and NH.
A: Yes!!! As your "Buyer's Broker", our team will represent you in the purchase of any home in Mass and NH, no matter who represents the seller. This includes "For Sale By Owner", foreclosures, and bank owned properties (REOs) and more.

Q: "How do I benefit by having you represent me as my buyer's broker?"
A: The great advantage to you is that you will have us working for you exclusively, around the clock. We represent your interest rather than primarily representing the seller's best interest as a listing agent does. Our allegiance is to you. We will negotiate on your behave to obtain the best possible price, terms and conditions for you and your family, to make it affordable.

Q: "I bought my present home using my VA eligibility. I want to stay where i am but i would like to do some remodeling. Will the VA help me?"
A: Yes they will. Although we would welcome you as a client in the purchase of a new home, it is our philosophy to help anyone we can. We will arrange to introduce you to a lender who specializes in VA refinancing. As the specialist, they will be better able to answer your specific questions.

Q: "Can I use my VA entitlement to buy multiple units?"
A: Yes, you can use your entitlement to buy up to four units (one duplex, one triplex or one four-plex). However; you must occupy one of the units as your primary residence. The great thing about this type of purchase is that the rental income can help you qualify for the loan.
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