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Now that you have decided to buy a home, this is how we will make it happen.
   1. Gather the information on the bottom of this page and call or email me.
  1. We will arrange a no-cost, no-obligation meeting with our VA loan specialist to:
  2.        a) Determine the appropriate price range of home that you qualify to purchase
           b) Determine your tax benefits of owning your new home.
           c) Obtain your certificate of eligibility
           d) Complete your loan application
       3. Loan approval will be issued within 72 hours.
  3. Meet with Wolff Realty Group Realtor to discuss your specific home buying process
  4. Conduct a home search with Sheldon Wolff GRI CRS CBR NP JP
  5. Write an Offer to Purchase the home of your choice
  6. Wolff Realty Group presents your offer to the seller and seller's agents, with your pre-approved loan in place and
  7.        negotiates the best price and terms possible.
  8. Escrow is opened and property inspections begin
  9.    9. Appraisal is performed by VA approved appraiser for completion of a Certificate of Reasonable Value.
 10. Inspections are completed.
 11. Final written loan approval provided by lender.
  1. Start packing
  2.  13. VA Loan documents are signed.
     14. Escrow Closes, notify post office and others of new address, most within 10 days.
  3. Move in to your new home!!!
  4. Job Well done, now have your first house party with close friends and relatives.
The Homebuying Process
Please have the following information available when you call or email:
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