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It's a Buyers Market!!!
      Yes!!! Now is perhaps the best time ever to be thinking of buying a home. Interest rates, if you havent heard, are at historic lows, and the inventory of homes on the market is high. There are more sellers than buyers currently in todays market. This means that the buyers are in a dominate position in negotiating the sale of a home. Buyer's agents are able to negotiate for a better price as well as assistance from the seller in paying a portion or all of the buyers closing costs. For the VA Homebuyer, the seller is required to pay a potion of your closing cost, so that makes it easier for Wolff Realty Group to negotiate for a larger share from te seller.
      The large inventory of homes on the market allows for many more choices for you the buyer.
      My team have experienced both the buyer market and the seller market phenomenon. Even during the seller's market era, we were able to negotiate exceptional terms for our Buyers. With Buyers ruling the current market, we will be able to negotiate even better terms for you!
     So...now is the time to call Wolff Realty Group's VA Homebuyers Team and get started on the road to home ownership. We are standing by for your call or email, and will be pleased to provide any information you may need. We will be happy to sit with you and go through the oppertunities available to you during this extraordinary period in which you, the veteran, can rule the real estate market.
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