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      We've spoken with many "VA Buyers" with thousands of questions about qualifying for their VA loan to buy a home. The following is a sample of some of the most asked questions about the buying process.

Q: "I was in the service, but i am not sure I have my VA eligibilty. How much times do you have to serve to be qualified for VA financing?"
A: The answer to that depends on when and how long you were in the service. The following table is the different qualifiers. If you are currently on active duty, and have served for 180 days, you are eligible.
 Vietnam War  8/5/64 - 5/7/75   90 days
 Post Vietnam War  5/8/75 - 9/7/80  181 continuous days 
 Enlistment Personnel  9/8/80 - 8/1/91  2 years 
 Officers  10/17/81 - 8/1/91  2 years
 Persian Gulf War  8/2/90 - undetermined   2 years or active duty over 90 days 
Global War On Terror   Oct. 2001 -  180 days
The Global War on Terror, including Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) are ongoing conflicts. For the most up to date GWOT statistics, visit the following Department of Defense Website:

Q: "How much money will the VA loan to me?"
A: The VA does not actually loan the money. They guarantee repayment of a portion of the loan to the lender who funds the loan. At the present time, the maximum loan amount guaranteed with no down payment is $417,000*. How much you qualify for is determined by a variety of factors, including salary, long term debt, and credit worthiness.
*value may change without notice

Q: "I have good credit, a good salary, but have no money saved up. Is there anyway I can buy a home?"
A: Absolutely!!! You may have heard the term "VA NO-NO". This does not mean they will not take a VA loan. What it does mean is that you can buy a home with no down-payment and no closing cost paid by you! Many of the veterans that we represent in purchasing a home with their VA eligibility actually spend zero in closing costs.
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